Snark Attack!

While perusing clip art one day, a thought occurred to me. Why does clip art exist? What was the intended use for a scheming shark wearing a bow tie? What role does clip art have in society? Explore this topic with me and celebrate the best of the worst clip art. I am currently limiting my clip art selections to those found when searching in MS Word. So unless otherwise noted that is where I found them. I did not make any of them. That takes talent.

If you have clip art to add to this scholarly endeavor, send it to Photos of bad clip art in action are also welcome.


26 thoughts on “Snark Attack!

  1. I believe the bow tie symbolizes professionalism and authority – perhaps an allusion to a manager or supervisor. Sharks, stereotypically sinister and conniving. Great representation of the proverbial “evil boss”.

  2. I think he just wants to crash tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve bash. A grey tuxedo with a white bowtie is quite dashing–which is what you better do if you see him swimming too close.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for following my blog Tygerpen! Actually, that would be a challenge for you—to design Clip Art for the name/title “Tygerpen” !!! It was hard enough to come up with the blog design, but the business cards, wow! Imagine a tiger with a pen and a card that virtually growls. Best to you. TYG

    • I don’t have the skills to design clip art, but that does sound like an interesting challenge. I would make the business cards like those greeting cards with music and it would play “Eye of the Tiger” when you open it.

  4. Hilarious blog concept! It reminds me of being back in high school working on the school newspaper — the lame, inane crap we’d wax onto our layout sheets in order to fill a space. What’s this nerdy turtle with a microphone in his hand? Well, I suppose it fits next to the article about the pep rally.

  5. Yours has got to be one of the most originally hysterical blogs I have come across in quite some time. Love everything about it and am so excited to follow you in the forays of ridiculous clip art!

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