Would You Rather…


Ready-To-Use Office and Business Illustrations, Dover Publications, 1988

My guess is this guy had to choose between being invisible or flying and he chose some sort of half of each scenario. He can only fly three feet off the ground, though. Based on the look on his face, he is having second thoughts about this decision.

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8 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. ARe those telephone receivers helping him cover up? He looks worried about his lack of a body. Maybe he thought he would go into a phone booth, but there aren’t any phone booths any more, so he settled for some old phones he found, but they didn’t give him the same coverage, so he’s strategically using them to cover his moobs, but he doesn’t realize that he’s invisible, except for his head. That’s a strange superpower, being invisible except for your head. I don’t know if I’d want that superpower.

  2. He has such a nervous look on his face. “What have I done?!” Maybe he shouldn’t be talking on two phones at the same time. Who has two landlines right next to each other anyway?

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