Is That You, Martin?

Martin Luther King, Jr.First of all, this doesn’t look anything like Martin Luther King, Jr. They got the mustache all wrong. That vertical wrinkle is perplexing. And why is Lisa Simpson standing behind him? On second thought, that makes more sense than the rest of whatever is going on here.


10 thoughts on “Is That You, Martin?

  1. He looks like he has a few growths on his face- I’d be concerned if he really looked like that! Ha! And, is it me, or does the crown look a little small for his head?

  2. Ha, Lisa Simpson! While I give the clip art an A for effort in honoring MLK, this design totally reminds me of some of the silly t-shirt designs circa 1988. I remember seeing an old white woman in the grocery store around that time in a shirt with Jamaican stick figures and “I be jamming” in text below. Dear God no, please, no.

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