Secrets Don’t Make Friends…But Sometimes They Do


You may have noticed an attractive looking badge with a clever name over there to the right. Yeah, that’s it. The blue and snowflaky one. It’s a Festivus celebration that involves having a Secret Santa and choosing a pretend gift for a fellow blogger. Pretty awesome. The blogger that is my Secret Santa created the most amazing art of Snarky the Two-Headed Birdie as a zombie. You should go look at it. Posthaste. While you’re at it, you should probs follow Emily at The Waiting. Plus, then you can see when my Secret Santa is revealed and find out who made this magnificent creation.


4 thoughts on “Secrets Don’t Make Friends…But Sometimes They Do

  1. Why hello there! I just wanted to say that I’ve been snooping around your blog lately and I love it. So original and cool and everything I’m not.
    Thank you soooo much for my Festivus gift! You must have gotten to know me really well because I’m obsessed with food and all things involving my hometown. I owe ya one! 🙂

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