Honk If You Love Hanukkah


He must have run out of room for the second “h”. But, more importantly, is there no rear windshield on this car?

(Did you catch the driver’s look in the side mirror?)

Today is Clip Snark’s 1st anniversary! I gave Snarky some paper. Snarky would be extra happy if you could help spread the word about Clip Snark to all of your friends.

If you need more Hanukkah clip art:

Dreidels in Space

Twas the Fifth Night of Hanukkah



10 thoughts on “Honk If You Love Hanukkah

  1. I tell people about ClipSnark all the time, as my friends and peers are graphic designers (who abhor clip art). But as an anniversary gift I’ll mention it in my upcoming AmperArt newsletter. It will be in the “Cut & Paste” edition, slated for January. I appreciate your telling your audience to check out AmperArt.com (and subscribe), featuring the ampersand as fun & functional art.

  2. You know, I think while this might look like ordinary clip art it is actually some sort of CIA message . . . . I’d tell you to keep watch behind you in the rear view mirror but I see it’s already being used! Happy First Year Anniversary! YAY!! 😀

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