Clip Art Fashion Show Part II

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…the latest clip art fashions.


First up…it’s sassy, tube top lady. Work it, girl!

For the special moments in a woman’s life. A fancy purple gown that gives you the power of flight!

Here is a tuxedo for a classy man with timeless style. Jazz hands!

Now introducing a unique fashion accessory. Let everyone know how smart you are by wearing the giant book you are reading. Make others feel inferior when they talk about reading The Hunger Games and you are literally wearing Dostoyevsky on your sleeve.

We didn’t want the pets in the audience to feel left out. A skirt and hat ensemble for your feathered friend.

This is getting absurd. The lady in the audience with a cell phone the size of a car phone from 1989 doesn’t have time for this nonsense.







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