Chain Gang

According to the keywords, this clip art is supposed to represent a closed mind. But the lock isn’t completely clasped. Does this mean we can unlock closed minds without a key? Or that we can unlock our own closed minds? This is too deep for clip art and Friday.


4 thoughts on “Chain Gang

  1. It means the key to keeping minds open is within all of us, each for the other, and for ourselves as well, and that no mind is ever truly and irrevocably closed…
    Or they guy who designed that is just an idiot.

  2. Despite the weird execution, I’m kind of excited by the use of this in a business context. Like, you’d have some interoffice memo about people not dumping coffee grounds in the sink…and totally insert this graphic with a big red “no” symbol around it to shut down the closed-minded naysayers. Maybe? Heh.

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