Sub-Saharan University

This lion has no time to hunt with so much studying to do. One pepperoni pizza for delivery to Mufasa Residence Hall aka this log.


7 thoughts on “Sub-Saharan University

  1. Do you ever get the feeling that someone has an enormous box somewhere with small pieces of paper on which they’ve written keywords? The artist has to reach in the box, and pull out 3 – 5 words, then draw that. This week: “Pepperoni pizza-eating Panthera Poser.

    “Mufasa Residence Hall.” Ha!

  2. Actually, this is what lions really do. Why hunt when you can order take out? I saw this in a National Geograhic once (or was it a dream?)

  3. I’m trying to think under what circumstances a person would want to use this particular clipart. Mabye at the zoo for do not fee the lions. Other than that I’m coming up with zilch.

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