Elvis 2, Beatles 0

MS Word clip art weighs in on the question: Are you an Elvis person or a Beatles person? 2 Elvis clip art images are available but none for the Fab Four.

For The Beatles v. The Rolling Stones debate, they are tied at 0. Although I would like to see a clip art image of Mick Jagger.


23 thoughts on “Elvis 2, Beatles 0

  1. I remember when Elvis went through his white suit phase. For awhile there it was either the only one he owned or the only one he could fit into! And yeah why no mouth?

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  3. Elvis is, perhaps, a less strenuous task for the creators to make. If they had to make the Beatles then they’d have to draw four people and that’s way too much work.

    By the way, thanks so much for following Kidz Showz! You are too kind!

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